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The View From The Other Side Of The Wall

by Kirk Smith, Executive Director

He who digs a pit will fall into it, and a serpent will bite him who breaks through a wall.--Ecc. 10:8 (ESV)

The word of God fascinates me.  He says so much in so few words, and while there is only one interpretation of scripture—it means what God means it to mean—there are seemingly endless applications in our lives.  Thus it is with the above text.

Many would no doubt think the latter half of Ecc. 10:8 as being a negative, a strong warning to anyone who is about to reach through a wall to find out what’s on the other side.   After all, who wants to be bitten by a snake?  I think, however, there is more to this verse than meets the eye.   I don’t think this is a warning not to break through a wall, but rather a reminder of some potential dangers when we do, go past a previous stopping point. Read More

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