Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is important to ICHE. We therefore limit the information we collect while  do several things to keep that information confidential.


Your credit card number is never saved or stored on our server when you place an order on  Though this means you will need to enter your credit card number every time you place an order on the website, it also means there is no credit card information on our servers for anyone to attempt to steal.  



You always have access to the information we have about you. To review and update your personal contact information, simply log in to your account. And if you have any questions concerning this information please email us at


WHEN WE DISCLOSE PERSONAL INFORMATION will not share your personal information with any third party with the exception of third parties assisting us in running and maintaining the website and in those instances the third party is not allowed to use or share said information. Should a situation arise that requires us by law to provide information to law enforcement we will comply with both state and federal law provided we believe the law enforcement request in no way violates your constitutional rights.



When you browse the website, you are able to do so anonymously. We do not collect personal information when you browse. Your browser, however, does automatically tell us the type of computer and operating system you are using and, like most websites, we use "cookie" technology. When you first connect to our site, the cookie identifies your computer and browser with a unique, random number which the site, using cookies, uses to help us understand how you use the site and to enhance the user experience for you.   The cookies we use do not reveal any personal information about you to us or any third party. 

HOW WE PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION safeguards the security of your personal data with physical, electronic, and managerial procedures:

  1. We use industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption which protects the confidentiality of your personal and credit card information during transmission over the internet,
  2. We do not store your credit card information in our database,
  3. No one accept you knows or has access to  your account password,
  4. Our servers are located in physically secure, state of the art server facilities, etc.. contains links to other websites. We do not share your personal information with those sites but then we are not responsible for those sites’ privacy policy nor how effectively they protect any information you might provide them. We strongly encourage you to learn about the privacy policies of any of these websites before you give them any personal information.



To make sure your personal information remains confidential, we communicate these privacy guidelines to every ICHE employee that can access the back office of the website.  Our Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time and we encourage you to review it regularly for any changes.