Common Core for Homeschoolers in Illinois

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Common Core K-12 State Standards have been adopted by the state of Illinois, along with 45 other states. All the public schools and many private schools have aligned themselves to the standards of Common Core.

Why should Common Core alarm Illinois homeschool families?

There are four main reasons:

1) Common Core Standards are national standards that will drive standardized testing and the SAT/ACT tests. If homeschool students are to perform well on these types of tests they must be educated with the Common Core standards. We have already seen many homeschool curricula align to the Common Core. For a full list of curriculum aligned or not aligned please visit Educational Freedom Coalition. Common Core standards have never been tested and there is no empirical data that these standards actually work for students. We’d advise to avoid all curricula which have explicitly aligned to Common Core. 
2) When the state leaders (governor and state school superintendent) signed on to Common Core, they also agreed to ramp up the data tracking system (P20) and have in their agenda the tracking of all private and homeschool students. We must reject any form of tracking of our children.
3) Common Core will cost Illinois taxpayers upwards of $730 million dollars just in the first seven years in new technology, teacher training, and on-going costs of the new computerized testing. As taxpayers, we cannot afford higher property taxes.
4) The people of Illinois have lost a voice in our educational standards. The 10th Amendment assigns education to the states. Illinois cannot change their standards and this “Education Without Representation.” The grab for power over schools should alarm every citizen of Illinois, homeschooler or not. Common Core is to education, what ObamaCare is to health care.

Please visit Stop Common Core Illinois for more information.

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