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For me, the hardest part of

For me, the hardest part of home-schooling is watching other Christian families send their children to public school.

I have seen the hearts of many children pulled away from God and into a place of doubting scripture and doubting their parents. These children have been deceived by the public school system and it saddens me deeply.

Home education has been such a tremendous blessing in my life and in the lives of my children! I wish that blessing on each and every child; and on each and every parent. I would love to see parents embrace God and the role He has called them to.

Yes, it is work. It calls for patience and strength and energy that I do not always have. But it is so worth it! I am so grateful for the gift my Lord has given me in allowing me to spend my days training, educating, and nurturing my children. Thank you Lord!

Anne Hurst


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