Legal Issues

The citizens of Illinois are truly blessed to have much freedom in the area of home education.

Under Illinois law a homeschool is considered a private school, just like a private academy or church-based school.  All private schools, including home schools, are required to teach the branches of education that are taught to children of the same age and grade as in the public schools, and those classes must be taught in the English language.  In a nutshell this is the entire legal requirement for homeschooling in Illinois.  Click here for a more detailed analysis of Illinois law.



Testing, Registration, and Filing requirements

In Illinois, we enjoy the freedom to shape the school day and curriculum to each child's specific needs and talents. Illinois government does not require testing, evaluation, or special oversight.  Parents are NOT required to administer standardized testing, but you MAY choose to do so.  We are NOT required to register or file any documentation with the state or local school district, but each family MAY choose to do so.  Click here for sample forms from our resource library for withdrawing children from public school.



ICHE & Legal Representation

ICHE does not directly represent families, nor do we provide legal advice.  We urge families in Illinois to join the Home School Legal Defense Association to protect their own rights and to preserve the freedoms of all Americans to raise and educate their children as God calls them.




Homeschool Legal Organizations

  Home School Legal Defense Association

Parental Rights Amendment