Recipe For A Legislative Day Cherry Pie:

300 Homeschoolers
275 visits to lawmakers by homeschool families
17 historical tours and prayer walks
4 exciting history workshops by Bill Federer
1 hilarious skit on how a bill becomes a law
3 exhibits on homeschooling freedom in Illinois
1 big family game night and hymn sing
6 lawmakers addressing families with their homeschool support
1 beautiful reception at a historical church in downtown Springfield

Bake at a high temperature with God glorifying, family fellowship and a deep desire to give Him all the glory.

Let cool slowly as pictures of the three day event flash over your smart-phone to your friends for the next few weeks.

Top your Legislative Day Cherry Pie with a generous scoop of homeschool freedom in Illinois and enjoy!  You will not experience a better pie . . . until perhaps next year when Legislative Days comes again.  Mark your calendar!

There were 233 cherry pies this year (over 87 pies from the St. Clair County Home Educators!) AND enough left over to bless all the security staff and the custodian in the tunnel!  Way to go homeschool families!!!!

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